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Excessive Alcohol Consumption Leads To Reckless Actions


The vast majority of those who drink alcohol will have had one too many on occasion and while this is an accepted part of life, most will ensure such instances are very rare indeed.

For those who do drink to excess on a regular basis there are health and social problems that come as part and parcel of such behaviour and must be taken into account.

Rather than focus on the unwanted health implications and the possibility of alcohol dependence, this article will consider just some of the many negative social aspects that excessive drinking can bring.

Relationship difficulties:

It is a well-known fact that if one partner in a relationship begins to drink heavily that difficulties will loom large.

The problem here is that instead of facing up to their responsibilities and trying to work things out with a disillusioned partner many feel the answer is at the bottom of a glass and begin to drink more heavily.

Please understand this is not the way to resolve problems in a relationship, indeed it is exactly the opposite.

Absence from work and missing social invitations:

The heavier, more regularly a person partakes in drinking sessions the greater the likelihood of hangovers and a general feeling of shabbiness the following morning become.

This will often discourage them from attending work, or if they do turn up they will be late. These absences and tardy arrival times will not go unnoticed by your employer.

Then there are missed social invitations. This is because they are either forgotten about, or the amount already consumed before the event leaves you unwilling or unable to attend.

Both types of absence will come to harm your social standing and repeated episodes can lead to dismissal from work and an absence of future social invites.

Aggressive encounters await:

It is often the case that as the amount consumed increases so do the chances of being involved in confrontations.

People who have aggressive tendencies when sober often find their aggression levels rise in line with the amount they drink. This leaves them looking for trouble and often finding it. The damage caused to property and others involved can leave the perpetrator in hot water with the police and authorities.

Even those who are not generally hotheaded can find themselves caught up in violence they would normally avoid, or when sober would diffuse such situations before they got out of hand.

Driving while over the limit:

This is far more serious than many people care to think about. One only has to look at official statistics regarding the amount of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by needless and often reckless drivers who have been drinking.

The damage caused can devastate innocent victim’s families, put the driver in question in serious trouble with the authorities and cause job loss as well as imprisonment.

Reckless attitude to sexual encounters:

The more a person drinks, the lower their inhibitions become. This often leads to sexual encounters with strangers or people they would not entertain in this manner when sober.

The embarrassment and ‘walk of shame’ the morning after a drunken session that finds them waking up next to a stranger whose name is forgotten, and who is anything but the highly attractive person they were drawn to while wearing their ‘beer goggles’ is one thing.

But, far more worrying is the fact that unprotected sex is a distinct possibility due to a devil-may-care attitude. This leaves them wide open to sexually transmitted diseases, and in the case of women, unwanted pregnancies.

The bottom line:

Drinking alcohol can be a pleasurable experience. It helps relax and can elevate mood levels. It can also enhance social occasions with family and friends, but it must be remembered that the keyword when drinking is “moderation”.

Thailand Rehab – Why, Where and Who With

Dara swimming pool

Thailand Rehab is specifically targeted at two groups. The first are those currently suffering the traumas that alcohol or drug dependence brings, the second are those currently undergoing the worry, distress and concern that living with an addict brings.

It can be difficult for both groups to think rationally while searching for a solution, but rationality is a must, because in many cases such decisions are make or break for the addict. This is why:

A structured approach is vital:

Whatever type of rehabilitation treatment is chosen it is vital that all aspects of such treatment, the establishments available and the personal needs of the addict are taken into account.

The information given here is provided to help those currently affected by addiction issues. Its aim is to offer suggestions and recommendations that will allow considered and informed decisions to be made in a sensible and structured manner.

Thailand Rehab will advise on reasons why professional and fully certified establishments must be a given.

It will also offer an insight into why choosing a luxury rehabilitation establishment in Southeast Asia is one very positive way forward for those currently addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Addiction does not have to be a way of life:

Many dependent upon drink or drugs may feel alone, despondent and at a loss on how to tackle their addiction issues.

While such feelings are understandable they cannot be used as an excuse to do nothing about it.

Addiction is an illness that has a vice-like grip. Make no mistake, the longer a person continues with their drink or drug use the tighter that grip becomes.

It is important for those in this situation to understand they are far from alone. Professional, caring help is available.

Many addicts choose outpatient rehab assistance as their first port of call. While this step is to be applauded, it also has the major drawback that those dependent upon drugs or drink continue to live in the same environment that helped fuel their dependence in the first instance.

For this reason Thailand Rehab will major on inpatient rehabilitation facilities that offer an addict the best possible chance of facing up to, and beating their addiction.

One such option is:

Dara Resort luxury rehab resort in Thailand:

Southeast Asia offers several rehab resorts, but in terms of location, services offered, professional and caring staff and cost Dara Rehab takes up the addiction baton and runs with it and the addict to the finish line and beyond.

Entrance to Dara Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centre, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Entrance to Dara Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centre, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Here are just some of the reasons why:

Location, location, location:

The confusion and angst an addict feels needs calming, they need reassurance and surroundings that are conducive to beginning and progressing their recovery.

Dara offers this in abundance with 2 first class rehab establishments. The smaller of the two is in the beautiful rural city of Chanthaburi. Known as the ‘City of the Moon’ it has long been noted for the delicious tropical fruits grown there, scrumptious seafood and dazzling array of coloured gemstones.

In terms of calm, luxurious surroundings and facilities it is ideal for rehabilitation treatment.

The alternative is equally inviting. Dara’s flagship rehab establishment is on Thailand’s second largest, and surely one of the most stunning islands this beautiful Kingdom has to offer; Koh Chang.

As one of the major aims of Thailand Rehab is to provide positives on rehabilitation locations which give an addict the best chance of recovery surely this establishment says it all.

It combines an intensive rehabilitation unit with a luxury hotel. Think long summer days, a tropical setting with palm-fringed beaches lapping with warm, inviting crystal clear waters that is combined with treatment options which are second to none.

The importance of a calm, comfortable and inviting environment cannot be underestimated when considering which rehabilitation centre is right for your recovery.

The thought of a stay at either of these rehab resorts should certainly whet the appetite and fully encourage those starting out on the long road to recovery.

Fully qualified, internationally certified staff:

While serene surroundings are imperative to help you ‘get your head straight’, such a setting would come to naught if this were not backed up by fully qualified, internationally certified and caring staff.

Dara offers such counsellors with an abundance of experience and knowledge. More importantly they care.

Those currently suffering with drug or alcohol addiction challenges can feel safe in the knowledge that the founding members of Dara have been through the stresses, strain, pain and angst that current addicts are now experiencing, and that the founders have come out of the other side far stronger and with an immense passion to help.

This is no ‘text-book’ operation, this is not ‘what if and blame based’. Their counselling and teaching is based on real-life situations.

Why is this so important? Because the situation you are currently in is very much real-life.

Internationally proven treatment methods:

Thailand Rehab needs to make it very clear that no ‘one fits all’ treatment method should be accepted for those with addiction issues.

In this respect Dara leads where others follow. They fully understand that each man and woman currently struggling with dependence issues is an individual, and this is exactly how you will be treated.

The backbone of treatment options you will be offered is based on approved international methods. These methods have proven successful for many years to those who have been to the place that current addicts find themselves in.

Thailand Rehab Cost:

Thailand Rehab fully understands that the words ‘Luxury Rehab Resort’ conjures up immediate thoughts of ‘prohibitively expensive’, ‘out of the financial reach of most’, and ‘only for those fortunate few’.

It should therefore come as a very pleasant surprise that Dara is far cheaper than similar care in an inpatient rehabilitation centre in your country.

How can this be achieved? There are no smoke and mirrors involved, there are no hidden costs. The answer is a very straightforward one.

Because the cost of living and consequent running expenses of Southeast Asia’s premier rehabilitation resorts are far lower than in western countries this means that Dara can pass on such savings to their clientele.

This means that the world class facilities, world class treatment and world class counselling offered by this well established and respected rehabilitation organization are as little as one-third of the cost an inpatient would have to pay at similar rehabilitation centre’s in their own country.

A final consideration – Respect:

Thailand Rehab strongly believes that respect is a key ingredient to recovery. Whichever inpatient rehabilitation treatment an addict chooses must contain a huge portion of respect.

Respect is something most addicts lost a good while ago, or at very best it is in short supply.

Dara has a mission to help you regain your self-respect, to help you respect those around you, and just as importantly respect the counsellors who will work tirelessly with you on a road that will be a tough one, but whose ultimate destination is a drug or alcohol free future.

5 Alcohol Rehab Treatment Tips – Staying Sober

We read a lot about men and women who have wrestled with the monster of alcohol addiction with varying levels of success. You probably know one or two people who stopped drinking completely after a rehab treatment and many others who relapsed after a few weeks of treatment. Where is the difference? Studies on alcoholic addiction inform us that we must understand addiction as a disease that requires a comprehensive treatment plan. Here are some crucial alcohol rehab treatment tips:

Best Alcohol Rehab Treatment Tips

1. Learn to be candid about your objectives.

It is tough to win the war against addiction unless you express your objectives with profound candidness. In particular, it is important to face your former drinking friends and tell them about your earnest resolve to stay sober. Peer influence is the most destabilizing force that often ruins the progress of individuals undergoing rehab treatment. With time, the spirit of candidness eventually wins you the support of the world around you and helps you to stay on the course of full recovery.

2. Link up with people who have overcome addiction.

In any endeavor, progress is largely conditioned by the influence of role models. Unless you know the kind of challenges that other people overcame, you might consider your case as the worst and most pathetic on the planet. This reality underscores the importance of linking up with people who have overcome addiction so that you can read from their script and appreciate the need for continued struggle. You can also do an online search for stories of famous people who triumphed against alcoholism.

3. Read literature about the adverse effects of alcohol.

Develop a culture of reading credible literature about the adverse effects of alcohol in people’s lives. Information is power. Once your subconscious mind appreciates and absorbs the content of your reading, it becomes difficult for you to relapse to drinking. Quality literature will supply you with information on how alcohol ruins your body, mind, career and social life. Such important information will help to fortify your mind against any negative thoughts that might lead you in the direction of alcohol.

4. Practice healthy eating, physical exercising and creativity.

Obviously, years of heavy drinking must have taken a heavy toll on your health. Your alcohol recovery process should include the development healthy eating habits and regular physical exercises. It is important to reclaim your body and mind through positive living. You should also find something creative to engage your free time. We learn from psychology that positive actions have the power to connect us to unseen positive energies that automatically project us towards success in any activity.

5. Develop positive time management skills.

Dangerous obsessions often strike us during the blank moments of the day. Treat every minute and hour as an important moment in your lifetime. Before you leave your bed every morning, have a clear schedule and follow it faithfully. Begin to practice meditation whenever you find yourself idle during the day. Thoughts have some energy that eventually turns into actions and consequences. Focusing your mind on positive thoughts will automatically lead to progress and protect you from relapsing to alcoholism.